Lalit Modi may takeover BCCI by 2015

A confidential internal report prepared by BCCI has warned that IPL commissioner Lalit Modi was scheming to use his monetary muscle to takeover BCCI to emerge as the unchallenged ruler of the Indian cricketing landscape. According to sources, the coup could happen as soon as 2015 and the mere thought of a Modi controlling cricket in India has set the alarm bells ringing in BCCI. Humor Unplugged has learned that the report, prepared by a high level committee, will be the topic of discussion at an emergency meeting convened at Sharad Pawar’s residence on Saturday.

The report warns that Modi had prepared a blue print to convert the BCCI into his personal fiefdom by 2015. Chapter 5 of the report mentions that he has already contacted similar money minded businessmen, politicians, players, actors, maoists and the sub underworld for this purpose. 

On Friday evening, as soon as the findings of the report were placed before Pawar, a distraught BCCI chief rushed to meet home minister P Chidambaram to ask for support. Chidambaram has promised all possible help to Pawar in this regard and asked the latter to worry about his sugar business and leave the rest to the Indian government.    

“What has angered Sharad Bhau is the fact that sugar prices are stabilizing and the business won’t be too profitable in the long term. Bhau is therefore counting on cricket to keep the moolah tap flowing. This Modi is turning into a major hurdle for him and Bhau wants to get rid of this hurdle soon. Bhau has started getting nightmares of Modi turning him into a cheer leader and watches reruns of parliamentary proceedings on national TV to get some sleep” a source close to Sharad Pawar told  HU over a HAM radio chat.    

Meanwhile Modi, has found an unlikely ally in Mamta, who claimed that the government did not consult her before giving offering an assurance to Pawar. When reminded that the issue did not come under her ministry, Mamta threatened to go on an indefinite diet, till her voice was “heard” by the government. 

When contacted, Modi refused to speak to HU till we credit $1000 in his Cayman Islands account by end of day, Saturday. He also warned us not to use the words IPL, Modi and any combination thereof on our blog till we complete the transaction.


Lalit Modi though is a decorated man in BCCI and enjoys great privileges he wont be strong enough to hold fort in BCCI,BCCI is like a gold mine where everyone s tryin to make hay when the sun shines. Reminds me of Jagmohan Dalmiya who once ruled BCCI with an iron hand was overthrown big time, know noone knows what he is doing :)

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