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Rupee expected to breach Poonam Pandey level soon: RBI officials

Sources in the Reserve Bank of India have told Humor Unplugged that the falling Rupee will soon breach a new psychological low, dubbed the Poonam Pandey level, over the next few days.

Nation’s central bank RBI is bracing itself for a significant plunge in the value of Rupee over the next few days. While the downslide is attributed to various reasons, sources in the RBI have not ruled out a multi-pronged intervention strategy to arrest the slide before it hits what RBI calls the Poonam Pandey level – a value at which Rupee gets devalued to such an extent that it will have to survive only on speculation in the future. RBI officials contacted by Humor Unplugged confirmed this development, but refused to come on record.

When Humor Unplugged confronted RBI governor D Subbarao at UPA’s third anniversary bash, he refused to speak to us saying he was relishing the dinner and had better things to do than speak to bloggers.

The next day he told us that a few credit control measures will be impl…

Sourav Ganguly’s wig to quit Pune Warriors after IPL-5

Irrespective of the outcome of IPL 5, Sourav Ganguly’s wig has decided to call it quits from the world of cricket. In a statement issued late last night, a spokesperson for Ganguly’s wig said that the toupee has seen it all as far as cricket is concerned and would now like to move on and enjoy a retired existence.

“There are many things I would like to do over the next few years and my association with the Pune Warriors captain is keeping me tied to the game. I would like to explore new frontiers of imagination and creativity and move on. In case Sourav wants to continue without me, I wish him all the best in all his future endeavours,” so said a statement read out by the wig’s spokesperson on its behalf.  

Ganguly and his wig have been attached to each other for the last 4 years.

Ganguly hints at quitting Pune Warriors
The Pune Warriors skipper has followed in former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa’s footsteps and praised Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s leadership. Sources familiar w…

Hillary-Krishna breakfast meet ends in chaos

It was supposed to be an informal breakfast meeting to discuss bilateral ties in a relaxed backdrop. But the meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Indian External Affairs minister S M Krishna evolved into chaos and anarchy with both sides suffering collateral damage due to unforeseen and undesirable turn of events. Presenting a blow-by-blow account only on your favourite blog.

The meeting started at 7:00 in the morning with Hillary and Krishna shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. As soon as the two sides settled in their chairs, Krishna stood up to speak and pulled his prepared speech from his folder below the table. As soon as he read out the speech, there was stunned silence in the hall as the minister was reading out the breakfast menu instead of his speech.

Startled Hillary who had just gulped an idli, almost chocked and started gasping for air. The secret service guys who were protecting her saw the whole thing and split into two teams. One team assiste…

Hillary Clinton will soon have sleepovers in UP

Yes folks, you heard it first on your favourite blog. Here is the whole story.

After deploying US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for negotiating with a tough ally – Mamata Banerjee, Congress is now planning to give her a new assignment. According to our sources in 24 Akbar Road, India’s very own GOP is planning to involve her in reviving the party in UP for the 50th time.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has accepted the proposal and is currently chalking out a schedule which would involve sleepovers in dalit homes and travel by trains and road to the remotest parts of the state to deliver huge speeches on holding Pakistan accountable for terrorism and other issues. She has also been asked to up the aunty by indulging in all kinds of possible and impossible drama to attract attention to the cause of the party and attack Congress’ rivals in the state.  Hillary’s office in Washington couldn’t be reached for comments, but an aide close to Clinton confirmed the development.

“She (Clinton)…

Jaya Bachchan finally speaks in the Rajya Sabha

Famous actor and Mrs Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan finally got up to speak in the Rajya Sabha, on Friday. The accomplished actor who has been a member of the house of elders and rich megalomaniacs for quite some time has not spoken a word in the house since becoming a member. All that however changed on Friday when she rose to speak.

The house on Friday was in middle of a voracious debate on various issues with Indian’s primary opposition party – TMC harassing the union government on many issues. That is when Jaya Bachchan rose to speak, drawing much cheer from members including a few rich ones who were busy discussing their weekend cruise schedule. House chairman and Vice President Hameed Ansari almost fell from his chair when he saw Jaya standing at her seat wishing to speak.

Amid much encouragement from fellow MPs, Jaya spoke and the question she raised shocked many of them so much that there was a stunned silence across the floor of the house for almost 130 seconds – which is a…