Arundathi Roy praises Al Qaeeda, India keeps Qatar on standby

After earning the wrath of a billion Indians for praising Chinese-backed and brainwashed Maoists in India, ‘writer’ Arundathi Roy has shocked the nation again by praising the scourge of the free world Al Qaeeda. The praise came late on Friday night after a news channel managed to cause utter discomfort to her by asking some straightforward questions on her support for the Maoists.

Al Qaeeda, are a group of warriors who are fighting for justice in an unjust world. They have valid grievances such as lack of sun bathing facilities in Antarctica and low penetration of broadband in Greenland. Further, they are also against celebrities who tweet every breath they take and Google for playing around with the privacy of millions of net users,” the Maoist sympathizer told humor unplugged. When reminded that Al Qaeeda may not be the group she was referring to, Arundathi went as ballistic as a GSLV MK III rocket and claimed that our blog was funded by nefarious multinationals who wanted to steal online real estate belonging to “poor bloggers".

“You are blinded by greed; you will not be able to see the wonderful work groups like the Maoists and Al Qaeeda are doing across the world. Maybe they are butchering some innocent people in the process, but that doesn’t take the sheen away from the expertise they have gained offlate. The Maoists have become experts in kidnapping, extortion and have mastered the classic art of blowing railway tracks. Al Qaeeda consists of individuals who are so brain dead that they are ready to blow themselves up over any issue. In fact I have heard of an individual who blew himself up in front of the customer care center of a Pakistani telecom service provider in Karachi because there were huge discrepancies in his monthly bill.  Another guy went on a shooting spree in a mall because he couldn’t locate the restroom there. So all these are cases where the government needs to do more to address the grievances of these brilliant, but harassed, individuals," Roy said without taking a pause.

Qatar placed on standby  
The Indian government has asked Qatar to be prepared to receive another Indian citizen. Humor Unplugged was the first and only blog to report on a clandestine deal signed by India and Qatar during the M F Hussein crises. The Indian government, according to sources, has informed its Qatari counterpart about its decision to deport Ms Roy to that country soon. Qatar has meanwhile initiated the documentation process for importing Roy and will report back to the Indian government on the progress of the same. Once the documentation process is completed, Ms Roy will be transported in a wide-bodied aircraft of the Indian Air Force and dumped in Qatar.


I was previously a fan of Arundhati's writing but during the years I witnessed a waning Roy banging her head in irrelevant issues. She has been nothing more than a big detriment to progress be it be te Dam issue or now the Maoists.
Previously i was a fan of Ms Roy's writing skills but during the course of time she has put her head in irrelevant things becoming a detriment to progress, be it be the dam issue or the Maoist, all she does is stand up for an illogical cause. Being an intellect she should be helping solve the issue, on the contrary she worsens it all the more.
Canadian Muslim said…
IRRELEVANT? social justice ? humanity? oppresion?
please explain which of these is useless JOE? DO you know HALF of the world's impoverished live in India?
where is democracy? why cannnot your democractic government feed them?
No wonder right or wrong since im not there to witness but people decide enough is enough...hence the Maoist/Socialist movement

unfortunately just like this BLOG i feel all you look for is the hate in the world instead of the TRUTH
YOU and all other Indians should be PROUD that you have Ms. Roy
a voice of reason, a voice that attempts to enlighten the lost and confused perhaps listen to her not just read the hyperbabble from the media
you may then truly experience the pain people suffer seeing a child dieing in a refugee camp in Burma, Iraq or even Afghanistan

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