Mamta to be felicitated by the Bungaldeshi government.

The Bungladeshi government has announced that it will be honoring the firebrand project stopper and overall politician Mamata Ban-her-jee with their highest civilian award- Nishan-e-Pyjamma.

Ban-her-jee was selected from an elite list of project stoppers which included big names like Devil Gowda and some commies. It may be noted that Bungaldeshi government had hitherto thrown away a Tata project which would have brought in billions of dollars in investment and jobs to that impoverished country.

Mamta was happy to hear the news. “I have always looked at the Bungaldeshi government as a model of development. They don’t want jobs or investment; they instead want to indulge in cheap politics and waste time and money, which is what we have done in Singur,” she said. Her party has welcomed the development and said that this was a “progressive step towards progress”.

When reminded of the youth of Singnur, Ban-her-jee pounced on the journalist and tried to thrash him. “Are those people your children? Then why are you shedding crocodile tears for them? These youngsters will be readily recruited by my party and if nothing else, theres always the option of becoming a meaowist” she screamed. Mamta claimed that politics was above everything else and the state’s progress was something that will automatically happen. “You have to play politics whenever you can and you don’t get such opportunities often,” she said.

Ban-her-Jee will fly down to Dhaka early next month to receive the award.


Prayukth, I used to read your contributions in MSN. Just found you have a blog! Great going! Just wondering how Mamta did not become MamaTata assume some such name as they always do in your write-ups.
BTW I have a humor blog too. Do visit!
Prayukth said…
Thanks Gopi...

Some one should simply Ban-her-jee..if she wasnt so succesful in politics, she would have had a great career in bollywood...such theatrics and polished drama...
Premjith said…
Good one sir,
This is an interesting reading, considering the seriously lunatic series of activities happening in Singur. Now there is a new twist and Mamta has agreed for a compromise. She must have got what she wanted apart from the cheap political mileage that has come to her free. Along with Nuke deal (where no one knows what they are fighting for), this is another sad episode in Indian politics. Only Ms Banerjee's 'Mamta' know everything.
Good blog dude!
Prayukth said…
Thanks dude,

Just when i think that I have seen it all from these two penny political mutants...they jump right back in...



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