Bollywood responsible for whitewash - Hayden

Mathew Hayden, another joker in the pack of wild animals that calls itself the Australian cricket team, was in the news recently for calling India a ‘third world’ country. We caught up with the freak in Sydney and grilled him on this and other issues…heres the interview..

RS: Your remark was completely uncalled for…what did you achieve by saying this?

MH: I am just preparing the ground for my autobiography…you know we need some spicy stuff to increase sales. In fact after Gilly, most of us have now decided to write books and pen down our own story.

RS: But other than sledging and cribbing, you guys don’t know anything and your vocabulary is as big as a matchbox. So how so you plan to write an entire book?

MH: Do you think I can write a book? I cannot even stitch a pyjamma even if my life depended on it. We have plenty of ghost writers down under and they will do the needful. Infact I will be hiring the same guy who wrote Gilly’s auto…

RS: Agreed there was a delay in the start of the match; so? You are a player and you are supposed to perform under all conditions.

MH: When we landed in India, we were all charged up and we had come to win here. But then the BCCI played a dirty trick on us…

RS: What was that?

MH: As I said when we came here we were fully focused on the job at hand. When the match was delayed on the second day of the first test, we noticed that someone had slipped in a movie DVD into our dressing room. Out of sheer curiosity, we decided to watch the movie…and once we did that we just lost the plot. The movie was such a disaster that we just lost all confidence after watching it. Infact some guys had nightmare of the hero churining out some dialogues to them on the field.

RS: Do you remember the name of the movie?

MH: How can I forget? It was called Desh Drohi and it had this Andrew Symonds type hero who looked like a truck had run over him and the way he was delivering his dialogues made some of the guys puke on the spot. BCCI was so clever that they had got this version with English sub titles. When the movie was over, half the guys were exhausted and others were simply dazed. We were infact shivering and you expect us to win in such a situation?

RS: Did you ask the BCCI for an explanation on this?

MH: Yes, and they simply said that they had no idea about the incident.

RS: How can you give such a silly excuse? Why don’t you instead accept the fact that you were thrashed 2-0 by a better team?

MH: We don’t accept anything. I already said whatever I had to say.


Apple said…
Hehehe..i cant get over themovie man..

And i like Hayden's closing
line.. ;)

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