Pungee League will feature Pakistan

In a move to mollify the “hurt” Pakistanis, the Indian government has decided to allow their players to participate in another not so big ticket league event. The Indian government has allowed the Indian Sub-Olympic Committee to invite Pakistani players to participate in the International Pungee League commencing mid May this year.  This league, according to sources, will be more in line with status of Pakistani players and that country’s stature in the international arena.

This IPL will feature the game of Pungee, devised by a harassed recession struck employee of an IT company in Bangalore. The game is a common stress buster among techies and doesn’t require much skill. It is used to pass time when one is bored or to appear busy when the boss is giving that unwanted lecture on time management and the need to be more efficient.

“This game is more aligned to the skill sets possessed by Pakistanis and they shouldn’t have eyed the Indian Premier League which is for players from countries who love peace. Pakistani players should not expect us to employ them when their country is exporting terrorists to India. They should not expect more from us. Actually for what the Premier League is offering, you can purchase that entire country,” a senior external affairs ministry official told this blogger.

“I got a call from a Pak player yesterday. He was literally begging me to put pressure on Lalit Modi to do another auction to get Pak players into the Indian Premier League. This is when we decided to start something that will compensate the Pakistanis and massage their hurt ego. The International Pungee League will keep the Pakistanis busy at realistic compensation levels,” the official added.

 Hi Tech equipment for playing Pungee


A game of Pungee in action 


Busybee said…
rofll.. @ Pungee..
Apple said…
comes from the great inventor in the office!! :)

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