Some new ministries and heads

Several new ministries were supposed to be created by the new government. But some of them were scrapped later due to various reasons. This is a list of a few such ministries with their anointed ministers.

• Minister for Sleep Deprivation and Opportunism (Independent charge) - Deve Gowda
• Minister for statues, pigeon droppings, malls and monumental disasters – Mayawathi
• Minister for family welfare – Karunanidi
• Minister for insecurity and fashion – Shivaraj Patil
• Minister for Page 3, calendars and booze resources – Vijay Mallya (to be inducted from the Rajya Sabha)
• Minister for horse trading – shadow charge
• Minister for fasting and drama – Mamta Banerjee
• Minister for Prime Ministerial ambitions – Sharad Pawar
• Minister for noodle straps and other intellectual stimulants – Mandira Bedi
• Minister for T-20 and ODIs – Ajay Jadeja
• Minister for test matches – Navjoke Piddu
• Minister for superfluous arguments – Arnab Ghostsamee
• Minister for curbing blogging and other forms of free speech – Bar-ka Dutt


Apple said…
Mayawathi can also scout for one of the Terrorist Groups for her UNEDUCATED silly remarks!!
Anonymous said…
good to read. refreshing.

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