India will start distributing artificial sugar through PDS; artificial dal is WIP

In a move designed to arrest the spiraling prices of sugar, Indian government has decided to sell artificial sugar to public via the network of ration shops spread across the nation.  The synthetic clone of natural sugar will now be vying for a place in the carry bag of many an Indian from the first week of March this year.

It may be remembered that the UPA government was relying heavily on union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar to rein in the sky rocketing prices of sugar in the country. But the minister it seems was too busy dreaming about the moolah that IPL would rake in this season. All attempts to pull him out of his monetary slumber proved futile and UPA bosses decided enough was enough.

“This is our way of attacking hoarders and black marketers. By selling artificial sugar we will reduce the commodity pressure on natural sugar in the market and reduce demand for the same. Artificial sugar will be sold at a competitive price and we will try and bring in an artificial equivalent of all high priced food items. Dal is next on our radar and we have already asked the Indian Institute of Science and The Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) to work together to produce dal from grass leaves,” minister for artificial sugar, artificial respiration and synthetic relationships, Chavvani Lal informed the parliament on Friday.


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