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Joke Musharraf: interview

Mushraff can only be desribed as undescribable, a many with many priorities, he is a guy who likes to push things to the limit. Now entering his 7th year in power, Mush likes to hype everything up. A man who once famously made a remark that "a mosquito that thrives on human blood can also spread diseases" is now willing to tell all. In a free throwning interview, Crimes Now correspondent Arnold Goats Saw Me and Mickey M caught up with the "General" and heres the exclusive interview....

Q: You have already declared yourself to be CEO, COAS and President of Pakistan. Is there any post that you still hope to take over?

Mush: I wanna be the captain of the Pak team especially after the recent defeat to India. Inzaman is not fit to be the leader of Pak team we will send him to Saudi on exile. I can bat better, bowl better and in case of any problems, I can approach President Bush for help he can send someone as the super sub. In fact the recent defeat was worse than Karg…

Jaswant grilled

JAswant singh aka JAssi, the man of the moment sitting pretty with his book "call to honour" having sold 20,000 copies, he his in the eye of the storm over the mole story.Our very own Doornob ghostsawme caught up with man in a hour long candid interview for the programme frankly lying where he mumbled on everything from Kandhahar to Karwar.We are gratefull to the FBI for providing us with a mumbling interpreter who could understand the mumbling uttered by JAssi.

Quest: So can we have the name now??JAssi: Its JAswant Singh!!

Question: you mean you were the mole in the PMO??JAssi: you asked for my name right??

Quest: I asked the name of the spy, the mole in PMO of the then PM Narashimha Rao.JAssi: Oh that person was not a civil-civil servant, he was not a regular member of the PMO but had accsess to the PM and other top people. he was a person who used to visit the pmo, participated in meetings, ate the stuff they gave in the canteen there and he also had wife and children and u…