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Italian marines to join Anupam Kher’s acting school

In a move designed to earn power-packed sympathy and escape conviction, Italian marines who are on trial for killing two Indian fishermen, have expressed a desire to join Bollywood. A source close to the two told Humor Unplugged that the marines want to join Anupam Kher’s acting school and then quickly act in a Mahesh Bhatt movie so that Bollywood denizens get into the act and start asking the relevant authorities to pardon the duo.

“They have filed an application form to join Anupam Kher’s school and in the days to come they will be acting in a movie. Bollywood folks have clearly told them (marines) to first
act in a movie and only then will Bollywood rally around them to get the governor/president to issue a pardon. So the marines are more than eager to get associated with Bollywood and the Italian government is also using its offices in India to get them to act soon,” the source said.

Bollywood, it may be remembered, has been asking for a pardon for actor Sanjay Dutt, despite kno…

Hang out with Saif Ali Khan and Appy Fizz

After the Jodhpur court passes its verdict in the black buck hunting case.

Now Michael Clarke wants special status for Team Australia

Taking a leaf out of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s book, Australian cricket team’s captain Michael Clarke has asked the ICC to grant Australia a special status for the remainder of its India tour. The request was made via a mail sent to the ICC yesterday evening. Humor Unplugged was able to obtain a copy of the mail yesterday itself.

Saying that Australia’s India tour was a special case, Clarke stressed that with a little help from the ICC, Australia could salvage some pride before leaving Indian shores. “We have been battered, bruised and nothing seems to be going right for us at this juncture. A suitable intervention from your office will help my team recoup, reenergize and reinforce our reputation. We are not asking for much, we just want a special status from ICC which will ensure that the last match in the series ends in an honourable draw,” Clarke said.

Clarke wants ICC to force BCCI to agree to end the last match in the series in a draw so that Australia can leave with some pride. …

Company faces flak over selling small data in the guise of big data

In an interesting development, cops today raided the home and offices of a big data analytics provider owner. The raid was conducted after several of his customers complained that they were cheated by Big XA corporation that was allegedly selling small data to them instead of big data as promised.

Investigations by Humor Unplugged revealed that Big XA had signed on contracts running into crores of Rupees to help amplify the data gathering capacity of several clients. As part of phase one of this project, Big XA was supposed to demonstrate processes by which its clients could gather huge volumes of data concerning their businesses from mundane sources. This data could then be segregated and distilled to extract information that would provide insights into cross sell and up sell opportunities, buying cycles, product use info etc.

"Data was shared with us by Big XA within weeks but, it was definitely not in volumes we had imagined. Big XA had put a tag on all recyclable cans manufac…