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More moles per litre

As Jaswant Singh gets caught in a fresh controversy, our correspondent Doorknob Ghostsawme meets the former external affairs minister and gets the low down on his latest adventure. As usual, the mole man had a few familiar culprits to blame for the whole hullabaloo.

DG: What’s this we hear about your serving drugs to your guests?

JS: mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble

DG: sorry, forgot to put on the JS mumble translator. (Switches on device)Yeah, now could you please repeat what you just said?

JS: I said we were just having a rave party, if that's a crime. We all have parties at our place so what’s the big deal if we had served a few cracks?

DG: you serve cocaine and you say that you didn’t do any crime?

JS: I never served cocaine. I just said I served cracks. By crack I mean some crack legislators, who were not ready to support my son’s claim to be the future CM of Rajasthan.

DG: So how did the whole thing become such a big controversy?

JS: I know that this was the handy work of a …

Dangers of flying and air safety concerns

One near miss over Delhi airport every month

DGCA: 18 air misses since January 2007 (till November)

May, 2007: A Jet Airways and a SpiceJet aircraft narrowly miss each other over Mumbai skies at 18,000 feet

Oct 2007: More than 200 passengers of a SpiceJet flight headed for Goa had a narrow escape at Delhi airport when the pilot was asked to abort the takeoff after another plane was spotted on the same runway.
What’s going wrong in our airports? Poor infrastructure, resource crunch, ill-equipped staff? Pronoy Coy and Burkha Dutt managed to corner Mr. A R Poth, Director DGCA for a frank interview on the issue.

PC: The nation wants to know what’s the problem with our airports. Why are so many near misses happening and what are you doing about it?

AP: Pronoy, don’t raise you BP calm down, chill and relax. You see near misses are not a problem; only when a crash happens, you need to worry.

PC: You mean that you will swing into action only after a crash? Do you have any idea of how many lives you…

Chinese at it again

The commies Chinese are at again. Dismantling our bunkers, preventing the construction of roads near the border and issuing demarches to Indian companies. Rajcreep catches up with General Yukk Thoo Chee Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army of China to find out what is happening.

Rajcreep: now what is the problem? Your army is holding joint exercises with the Indian Army and you guys are targeting our infrastructure here. What’s the logic may I ask?

YTC: there’s absolutely no logic here. We go by what our bosses in Beijing tell us to do. If you have any problems with that I cannot help. Besides, we Chinese have this constant need to rub someone the wrong way. Most often we do it to our own people through detention camps and slave labour but every now and then we get tired of harassing our own people so we try it out on our neighbors.

Rajcreep: you guys are big bullies. China is recognized as a country that wishes to dominate the region and suppress the aspirations of its citizens. Aren’t …

Top blogs of 2007*

Benazir on Toffee with Taran

Benazir on Toffee with Taran Tonight on Toffee with Taran, the only and only Pakistani drama queen Benazir Futto joins the show. In this exclusive interview, Benazir speaks about politics in Pukistan, her future plans and of course her excellent knowledge of the nuances of Urdu. Taran: Many thanks for joining us mam. So how is the situation in Pakistan now?Benazir: Manyien demands kuboool kiye gaye hain, date of elections diya gaya hai, emergency khatm kee gayee hai...emergency khatm karne ka date diya gaya hai... Yeh bahut significant acceptance hai," Hum ein elections mein play kareingey and winenge. Taran: Can we have this interview in English please?Benazir: Oh, sorry for a second I thought I was on Jiyo TV. Taran: You seem to have the best of both worlds. On one hand you are hobnobbing with a tin pot two penny dictator and on the other you are criticizing him. Care to you explain your stand?Benazir: There no need to explain anything. We are on the side of democracy and b…