Mayawati now wants an IPL team

PM hopeful and all round fashion i-con Mayawati has done it again.This time she wants to become the first female politician in India to own a Indian Premier League team.  Sources close to the lavishly rich UP CM have told Humor Unplugged that Mayawati is planning to invest some of her ill-gotten wealth in one of the franchises that are currently on the block or the ones that will be created in the future.

Mayawati’s private wealth manager Chavvani Lal, when contacted confirmed the development. “Yes, Behensji oops, I mean Behenji is very interested in owning an IPL team. She sees herself in the same league as Shilpa (Shetty) and Priety (Zinta). Behenji has seen these girls jumping like frogs inside the stadium quite often in the company of some unknown men and she wants to do the same. I have infact asked our district incharge folks to start collecting more monetary garlands to help our great leader attain this goal,” Chavvani told Humor Unplugged.

According to sources, the national monetary garland market is worth any where between 100-200 crores. In the 2009-2010 fiscal alone, Mayawati led regional outfits mopped up nearly 111 crore of this amount. Mayawati’s team is also connected with the extortion market that runs in parts of UP. “Earlier we used to collect money every year but, this year onwards we will be collecting money on a monthly basis. Every district will have to compulsorily meet its monthly revenue target and offer at least one currency garland every month to our supreme diety…oops I meant deity," an office bearer of Bahujan Samaj Party said.

Mayawati has meanwhile sacked an IAS babu responsible for giving her 'practical' ideas. “Such a wonderful idea did not come from the concerned babu, so he was moved to the animal husbandry department as a senior dung inspector,” Mayawati’s information commissioner told Humor Unplugged.

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi ,when contacted, said that as of now IPL will be accepting only wire transfers and garlands were not an 'authorized' mode of cash transfer. He however said that the IPL was open to looking at new means of cash transfer as and when they emerge. 


Kev said…
Oh to see Mayawati, "jumping like a frog inside the stadium with strange men" *Giggle!
Prayukth said…
:) strange men for her planet :P
Apple said…
Ask her to go Jump!!!
Stupid woman

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