Unwanted parties and their real names

Unwanted parties and their real names
These parties are a curse on the nation and its citizens. Not only have they been formed to massage the ego of anti-socials, they have also doing their best to prevent the nation from progressing. How I wish they would just vanish from the political landscape of the country.

BSP : Bogus Scum Party
SP: Socialite Party
CPI: Chinese Party of India, Clowns Party of India, Crooks Party of India, Cheapo Party of India
LJP: Lackadaisical Jokers Party, Locusts Janata Party
PMK: Pyjamatic Machiavellian Kleptomaniacs
RJD: Rogues Jokers and Dacoits
JD (s): Janata Dull (Sleep)
NCP: Namby-Pamby Clowns Party
PDP: Peoples Demise Party
AGP: Association of Goons and Pests
JMM: Jokers and Mischief Mongers
TMC: Tata Munching Club


Nish said…
Where have the national parties gone???
Prayukth said…
National parties are fine, they are at least ok...these small regional parties are the clowns in the pack :((
Nish said…
but they are responsible for the germination of those small germs !!!
Prayukth said…
Yeah thats quite right

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