If Mayawathi were to become the PM

* Half the country will have gardens named after Mayawathi, the other half Kanshi Ram
* A statue of hers that is bigger than the Gometeshwara will be erected in the national capital and all state capitals
* Shoot at sight orders on pigeons
* All historic national monuments will be converted into malls, provided sufficient money is deposited in the Mayawathi relief fund
* National Security Act will be imposed on the entire Nehru-Gandhi clan
* Ladies wearing bikini will be booked under NSA
* Those who call her auntyji or grannyji will be booked under NSA
* All tax collections will be automatically channeled to her account
* Her birthday will be a national holiday
* On her birthday, every collector will have to go on a money collection drive and deposit at least 30 crores in the mayawathi birthday fund
* All visiting dignitaries will receive an autographed copy of her pic; (am sure they will never visit this place again). This method will also be used to threaten Pakistan


Apple said…
Hehehe..we will put Uma Bharti on the opposition..
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadia Asif said…
LOL!!! Reservation concept will be reversed. UP under her has the potential to be the nation's capital.
After having broken all records of corruption and lawlessness, either Indians would seek refuge elsewhere or will send her and her associates in exile!!

Awesome! :D
Prayukth j said…
:) thanks Aidan...;P looks like UP under her will go UP, UP and away.... ;)

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