Opposition now plans to corner Government on temperature rise

After going gung-ho on its alleged victory on the floor of parliament over the price hike issue, a jubilant opposition now wants to corner the government again over rising temperature across the nation. At a meeting held in a dhabha on the outskirts of Delhi, opposition leaders Arun Jaitley, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lallo, Prakash Karat and weight loss mascot Jayalalitha agreed to do an encore in the coming week.

Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged, Arun Jaitley said “What is the government doing about the rising temperatures across the nation? We have had enough of this government and if they can’t do anything about it, let them go…we can do a better job of sitting in the treasury benches without doing anything,” he said. 

“Everyone else is fine but I also have to wear these two ton bulletproof bedsheets wherever I go and inside its as hot as the sun’s surface. In some places where I go, even two ACs are not enough. I am very angry with this government, it seems like they are working without a script like Mahesh Bhat,” a fuming Jayalalitha said. 

Mulayam, who was almost scared to death seeing Mayawathi in a spaghetti top, regained his composure after  gulping down some limewater, challenged the government to send its representative to his Akhada. Joining issue with him, champion of shortsighted divisive politics Bal Thackrey said “the ink in my poison pen keeps drying up due to the heat and I am unable to write any provocative articles, offlate…this government should resign and make way for another bunch of incompetent politicians,” the grand old man told Humour Unplugged. 

“This government has scant regard for the common man,” claimed Sharad Pawar, exiting from his Merc. “Thanks to the price hike, the common man is unable to afford IPL tickets and sugar and the situation is getting worse by the day. Now with the rise in temperature, the common man will not be able to even sleep properly,” he said.  The opposition stalwarts were quite surprised to see Pawar at the meeting. However, explaining his presence at the meet, Pawar said “I came to invite these leaders for the upcoming IPL matches…my presence here is purely coincidental,” he said with his characteristic fake smile. 

Mayawathi, who was watching the proceedings from the sidelines, urged the government to start distributing ice cubes through the public distribution system to limit the impact of rising temperatures on the common man.


Anonymous said…
Ola, what's up amigos? :)
I will be happy to receive any assistance at the start.
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Apple said…
Weight Loss Mascot??? WOOWWW!!
I'm sure u are lifting up lotsa spirits!! And people like me will feel insignificant now!! ;) :P

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