How much do priety and shilpa know about cricket? :))

They think...

* That a test match is named so because it tests your patience
* Nightwatchmen often speak with a Nepalese accent
* Pie chuckers are guys who start a food fight
* Crease is a hard to remove stain
* Doosra is a term used to refer to the "woh" in pati and patni's relationship
* A keeper is someone who safeguards the valuables of batsmen while they are on the field
* All-rounder is someone who can date more than one babe at a time
* LBW happens when a batsman stares at a cheer leader, looses focus and gets out...(they did some research on this one)
* Man of the match is someone they should date
* Nelson is Mandela's first name
* Bouncers are guys who work in bars
* Powerplay is an unparliamentary word and must not be discussed outside bedrooms..
* Underarm is a place where deo sprays must be generously used
* Yorker is someone from the big apple


Apple said…
YOu forgot the new essential of cricket..The Cheer Leaders!!What do these2 know about them??
Prayukth said…
heheh appy :) they are the cheer leaders...:)) t

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