Future is all bright for Shiny...

Is this the end of road for Shiny Ahuja? Has his glistening career come to an end? Well this blogger doesn’t think so. Going by the record of his predecessors, things can only get better for Shiny. Here are a few things he can do, in the future..

• Win the next edition of Big Boss
• Write a book titled “I may have done it…but I still didn’t do it”
• Share his experience at the India Today Leadership conclave
• Start a anti-pakistan\anti mayawathi blog
• Give writing tips to Shobbhhaa De
• Ask Times of India to give him a numerologically correct name and use it in all their articles
• Join Pak government\army as a spokesperson
• Become a vastu expert
• Join MTV as their “reality show” content head
• Shoot black bucks in Rajasthan to stay in the news
• Hang around Priety Zinta during IPL III
• Settle down in his favorite destination Du-Bai
• Write a auto-bai-o-graphy
• Become a Bai-ologist
• Team up with N-Sync to record a new song “bai-bai-bai”

So there you go. Shiny, hang in there and be happy that your career is poised for a big time takeoff now...


joseph said…
yeah none of the so called stars who were implicated were thrown out of bollywood. a few of the glaring examples
aman varma
shakti kapoor
shakti bagged a contract soon after the casting couch
Prayukth said…
:) There u go buddy..thats the truth..shiny will be rich soon
Prayukth said…
I meant richer ;)))))))
Apple said…
Write a book titled “I may have done it…but I still didn’t do it”

I love that one...let me move a few lines ahead now.. ;)
Apple said…
""Shobbhhaa De""
Its all to do with teh name i am telling you.. :P
Apple said…
soooo..looks like shiney is gonna shine further..and live up to his name ehh?? ;)
Prayukth said…
heheeh apppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))) lets write a book together :)) its a season of books i tell ya :))

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