Pak cabinet to meet to take stock of IPL revenue loss

Pakistani prime minister Pant Geelanee will be holding an emergency meeting of key cabinet ministers to discuss the recent incident involving Indian Premier League (IPL) overlooking Pakistani players and the consequent loss of revenue to the exchequer.

Sources say that the meeting has been called to discuss ways to plug the fiscal gap arising out of the revenue loss caused by non participation of Pakistani players in IPL. Pakistani government will be losing plenty of much needed revenue in taxes that would have come in, if Pak players were selected for IPL. Pakistan’s balance sheet is not looking all that pretty at this moment with US delaying some of the “aid” money it owes to that country. On one hand Pak has been losing money by offering logistic support to US forces for their operations in AFPAK border (reimbursement from US awaited) while on the other it has been spending a fortune on training, arming and pushing terrorists into various parts of the world.

“Forget about education, social welfare and all that jazz, we don’t have money to give bribes and if things continue like this we may become a failed state for the fifth time in 2010,” a senior Pak minister said. He was unable to control his laughter while was uttering these lines. “We have been snubbed so many times by so many countries that it has become a habit for us. But when we are not paid for a snub, that is when it hurts and we are not ones to happily concede defeat,” he added.  

Pak watchers say that Geelanee is expected to adopt a tough stand against India at the cabinet meet. “He may even go as far ahead as to disclose the dates for the next 26-11 or talk about how Pakistan has kept a new unit of para gliding terrorists on standby to attack India from the skies, if the anger does not subside,” a defense analyst said.


Busybee said…
:D:D @ the deficit.. and being a failed state for the 5th time in 2010.. You hv a wild imagination I tell u :D
Prayukth said…
:D Thanks BB..pakis are so inspiring i tell ya...:D

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