Terror meet hails Aman ki Asha as a “wonderful project”

A statement issued by Pakistani terrorists on the sidelines of the “Anti-India meet” thanked Times of India and Jung group for launching the “Aman ki Asha” project and urged the Indian government to “lower its guard” so that more terrorists can sneak in and reinforce peace between the two nations.

“The meet takes a special note of the recent peace initiative launched by the Times of India and the Jang group. Such initiatives will help our terror teams launch more strikes on India and will also ensure that our cadres are kept in a state of constant motivation vis-à-vis that country,” the statement said.

 Pakistan watchers in India warn that the next 26-11 is around the corner. “The signs are all there. History has shown this time and again – in 1999, 2001, 2004 and 2008 terror attacks happened as we started talking. Just when the hope for peace appeared on the horizon and the Indian citizen started believing in peace with Pakistan, that nation’s ugly side reared its head. We haven’t learned anything from the previous attacks and people are again getting excited as though there is a discount sale on sugar happening.  Since 26-11 we haven’t had a major terror attack…why?  Because, we weren’t engaging Pakistan in any dialogue process and were simply ignoring them. The moment there is a thaw, Pakistani terrorists will show up on our shores and execute their deadly deed,” a former intelligence sleuth told this blogger. 

“Who is the loser here? No one from Times of India or Jung or even an Indian leader has even been killed in an attack–the one to pay the price has always been the ordinary Indian citizen. These people inflate the peace balloon and the moment it bursts, these clowns (politicians and journos) withdraw into a shell. Why don’t they realize that pursuing peace with Pakistan is like hoping to find an unused pokimon pajama on the dark side of the moon. Pakistan does not want peace – they just want to distract us till they attack us,” says a concerned citizen. 

Ameoba-brained “writer” Chetan Bhagat, who lost his pajama’s zipper in the recent “Three idiots” controversy, says “we are spending close to $40 bn on defense (Source:Chetan Bhagat Institute of Controversy)  which could be used to create highways instead.” “Will someone tell this two penny nut that even if Pak agrees to peace with India, there is a bigger clown called China sitting on the Eastern side of our border, waiting to pounce on us? China will attack us unless it knows that it has more to lose in a war with India and we need deterrents. May be Chetan can use the US$40 bn highway to escape, if an Indo-China war breaks out. He is part of this project because he wants more visibility as the Three idiots controversy has died down,” a fellow blogger told this blogger.


Anonymous said…
keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
The blogger has real sense of what is happening and has put in his thoughts very cogently. Dreams and good intentions do not make for peace but alertness and strength. It is ridiculous to have allowed a nation which is onetenth our size to be such a threat to magnificent india.Leadership failure is writ large
tia said…
bhagat said it again..tho i liked his take on peace in the sat paper
seriously India relents to peace talks and Pak starts their routine; JuD vows to take Kashmir and that too an open arms show in Pak; then some stupid Pak minister openly proclaims Pak didnt relent India did, what crap. India has never been strong in its foreign policies, stop economic ties, all political ties. I want to c how TOI will now cover Paki infiltrations and their terrorist attacks in India
Rahul said…
Dude, you are my new hero. There are very few people understand the gravity of current situation and ineffectiveness of these talks.... and Indian leaders are not one of those. For them, the pride of nation is cheap and lives of fellow citizens has no value.

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