India is all alone in its war on terror…

Terror struck again in the heart of India’s financial capital; over a hundred lives lost and once again the men in uniform stepped in, put their lives on the line and cleared the mess left behind by a lackadaisical government and intelligence infrastructure that is all but dead.

The government has reacted ‘swiftly’ and asked the ISI chief to come to India. Now what the hell is that supposed to solve? The ISI chief will visit India with a script perfected over the years complete with denials and doctored evidence on India’s alleged role in fomenting trouble in Baluchistan. Don’t we all know that bringing the ISI into the investigations and handing over evidence will lead nowhere? Perhaps our PM should have also invited Pakistani economic citizen and their beloved guest Dawood Ibrahim to visit India and see the evidence. I guess Dawood would have been better placed to convince the ISI chief and the Pakistani political apparatus about the role of ISI insiders in this incident.

What about the United States of America? Oh well Obama has been quick to say that the terrorists cannot defeat Indian democracy. Isnt this lip service? Well, let me remind the democrat president elect that in late 1999, the US government (led by a democrat)had literally washed its hands of an incident involving the hijacking of an Indian airliner. We were running from pillar to post screaming about pakistans direct involvement in the highjacking. None of India’s so called friends heard us and we had to shamefully bow down before the terrorists and meet their demands-all this while the most powerful democracy in the world looked the other way. They were not even bothered to know that the terrorists after successfully accomplishing their mission drove down to a country called Pakistan.

But did USA pay a price for this? Yes, two years down the line Al Qaeeda, using the IC 814 hijack as a model, executed 9/11. IC 814 was in many ways a dry run for the 9/11 attacks and US knew this very well. Does the irony end there? Unfortunately no..infact apparently the ransom money obtained from the kidnapping of top honcho of a MNC in Kolkata was used to fund the attacks. And who was the terrorist who got this money wired to Atta, the terrorist behind 9-11? It was the then ISI chief Mehmood Ahmed. When will USA learn that terrorists are using India as a target to get to their bigger objective of hitting USA? What happens in India today…will happen in US tomorrow and then we will see a fresh wave of attacks directed against a third country which would have nothing to do with terrorists. It was Iraq in 2002 and it will be Iran in 2009.

Russia, Japan and Britain cannot do much. They are themselves facing problems. China is already facing rebellion in its restive eastern province with rebels trained in Pakistan. But that country is in no mood to leverage its influence on Pakistan to stamp out these training camps. China will have to write a check soon and the sum will be anything but small.

So where does that leave us? We are all alone and Indian citizens need to fight our battles ourselves. Remember we are up against an enemy that wants to eliminate us and all that we stand for. It’s a battle for survival and loosing is not an option. Having said that..I must say that I don’t have any hope from our rulers. They have let us down innumerable times and this one won’t be an exception. We Indians sans our politicians will have to take on these mercenaries by ourselves. The mood is indeed grim and somber..the forces of dark seem to be winning...but we haven't given up..there is still hope and we will not go down without a fight.

Meanwhile my thoughts go out to the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives fighting the Pakistani barbarians. May god bless our great nation...Jai Hind.


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