Indians will be extinct by 2025

A global multilateral NGO in its report on genocide and ethnic cleansing has classified Indian nationals as ‘endangered’. The classification comes in the wake of recent terror attacks in different parts of India that have killed many Indians.

The report mentions the names of over 100 different Pakistan based groups who are out to kill Indians. It also lists out over 500 groups backed by China and over 75 groups supported by Bangladesh who would love to see Indians eliminated. “In view of the number of threats that Indians are facing and the kind of government that these guys have, it is indeed a miracle that Indians have survived for this long. I guess it is purely the numbers that have kept them going. Going forward however, that may not be true,” a spokesperson for the NGO said in Geneva on Friday.

According to the report, the number of terror incidents may see a significant rise over the next few years and so will the number of lives that are lost. “I don’t see any hope here. Unless the Indians get a government that can talk to the terrorists in their language, there will be no scope for Indians to survive. Lets not fool ourselves, India is witnessing ethnic cleansing,” the spokesperson added. If the report is to be believed, Indians are among the most threatened communities in the world.

There was no official response to the report from the Indian government. Pakistan has meanwhile expressed shock and concern over the findings while denying that over 100 different anti-India groups were operating from its territory. "I can safely say that the number is somewhere around 99 and not over 100 as reported and we in Pakistan are very careful about numbers, a Pakistani external affairs ministry spokesperson claimed.

The report goes on to say that if the prevailing trend continues, Indians will be extinct as early as 2025.


Apple said…
Thats a very interesting title...

And yeah..It wd b awesome if we getthe govt that can converse in the same languade as those loosers..

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