Pakistan in denial mode

The Pakistan government can gain a lot by setting up a ministry dedicated to issuing denials and ‘clarifications’. Pakistan’s external affairs minister was struggling to come out with convincing replies to questions posed by mediapersons and the whole affair was handled in a amateurish manner by his government.

By initially agreeing to send their ISI chief and then backtracking, Pakistan has clearly exposed the dichotomy between the government and independent state backed actors who run the show. The move must have run into stiff resistance within the ISI rank and file and forced the government to backtrack. Is this all or does the Pakistani government have something more to hide? The facts clearly indicate that Pakistan has not just sponsored the terrorists, but have armed, trained and moved them.

Some of the intelligence folks in India are saying that the marine wing of the Laskhar was responsible for this gruesome episode. But where did this wing spring from? Can a bunch of donkey riding mullahs sitting far away from the Arabian sea train and dispatch terrorists over such a vast expanse of water? The answer is a plain no. The truth is that Lakshar provided the men, ISI handled logistics and Pakistan’s inept and invisible navy trained these cowards.

This mission may have its origin in an operation conducted by the clowns of Pakistani navy in 1965. At that time, Pakistani navy bombarded the coastal town of Dwarka in Gujarat. This attack never helped pak navy achieve its strategic objectives, including destroying the radar installations located there. This botched up operation like countless others did however fire the imagination of some armchair experts in Pakistan who wanted to replicate an attack on similar lines on Mumbai.

Whatever be the inspiration, the truth will be out soon and Pakistan will once again be caught with its pyjammas down. Therefore my advice to the Pakistani morons is that they better be prepared with an excuse better than the usual ones so that a certain Barack Obama does not have to do some plain speak to them. That is why Pakistanis should now come together and set up this denial ministry and assign a good PR guy to script a believable story on why Pakistan is not behind this attack.


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