A lesson for every politician

In the last three days when dark clouds had gathered over India, one moron was conspicuous by his absence. This guy who goes by the name Raj Thackerey, was nowhere to be seen when the NSG commandos were storming their targets. Our correspondent caught up with the guy hiding in his lair.

RS: where were you all this while? I mean usually one gets to hear from you once every three days, shooting your mouth off…

R(a)T: Oh it was really scary I tell you. I was having my dinner when I saw the initial footage of the terror attacks. I was so scared that I ran into the loo and bolted the door from inside. I couldn’t muster enough courage to see the whole incident.

RS: Considering the fact that these terrorists were also “outsiders”, how come you or your party cronies never issued any statements condemning them?

R(a)T: I told you naa that I was hiding. Lets not discuss this anymore, please.

RS: What exactly is it that you were afraid of?

R(a)T: Did you see the faces of the terrorists? Boy, they were really scary. They reminded me of those monsters that used to hide under my bed when I was a kid. I used to wet my pyjammas during those days…and…

RS: Lets leave it at that. Have you learnt your lesson now? When the country is under threat all Indian citizens, irrespective of their caste or religion or state will unite to fend off the enemy and the clearest evidence of this is our men in uniform. When will immature two penny politicians like you learn this? You were a real coward who couldn’t even attend the funeral of Maj Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who died fighting the evil Pakistanis. You have to learn to unite people and take them along.

R(a)T: That is why I am in politics dude, else I would have been working hard in some corner of the country as a farmer, or a scientist or I would have donned the uniform and defended my country from such terrorists. I am a politician and I was under the impression that my only job is to play vote bank politics.

RS: as a young politician, we want more from you. You should pave the way for and inspire more youngsters to take up constructive politics and take the country forward. Agreed that we have our short comings but as a nation, we rock. Ours is a nation built on the sacrifice of leaders like Netaji, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. After independence, our men in uniform have taken on the responsibility of upholding the honor and dignity of the nation and fending off all threats to her independence. Politicians like you should take the responsibility of warding off all internal threats by uniting people, conceptualizing and implementing vision-oriented politics and placing the nation firmly on the path to progress. Is this too much to expect from leaders like you? Do I have to come to your drawing room every single day and remind you that you are an Indian? When you look into the mirror, don’t you see an Indian there first? Is our national anthem merely a song, or is it a statement of pride that inspires every Indian citizen? Is the blood of a Indian from North different from your blood in some way? How different were you from those cowardly Pakistanis when your partymen killed someone’s brother, someone’s son or snatched the livelihood of a family by killing the sole breadwinner?

I know you don’t have answers Mr Thackrey. So I will leave this interview here. Come back to me when you feel that you are an Indian above everything else. I will continue this interview, when you are no longer a politician...but a leader.


Apple said…
They should have hunted HIM down and shot...
Apple said…
Woww..THAT sounds like the perfect plan.. :D

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