Terror forecasting

In a bid to shore up its intelligence capabilities and provide advance information to citizens on terror attacks, the Indian government has now made it mandatory to have a terror forecast alongside weather bulletins on all major news channels and papers.

Information on possible attacks will be offered separately by RAW and IB to their affiliated channels and newspapers. These forecasts will be drafted on the lines of the weather forecasts and will offer sketchy information on possible terror attacks to citizens.

A sample terror forecast:
Sunday’s terror threat over north interior Orissa underwent two rounds of weakening and is currently hovering as a conventional ‘low’ over east Madhya Pradesh and neighborhood on Monday.
Gunfire and bomb blasts are expected in parts of Konkan, Goa and madhya Maharashtra and Marathawada in the 24 hours ending Monday morning. The satellite picture taken yesterday shows heavy infiltration in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan and West Bengal. Fishermen in Gujarath are advised not to venture into sea in view of a possible infiltration attempt forecast in the Arabian Sea.


arun said…
good one!! Terror forecast sounds interesting..
like the weather forecast, will this also be something like the officer looks at the sky or look into the sea to find enemy planes or boats and then pass an intelligent finding "It may or may not be an atttack today" actually thank god that there was no third option here
Dileep said…
Good one bro. :)

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