Molestor DGP Rathore is the new Indian Idle

Suicide inciting molester DGP SS Rathore has bagged the disgraceful Indian Idle award. In a closely contested battle for the unenviable title, Rathore managed to beat tough contestants such as Satyam’s Ramalingaraju, cowardly moralist Mutalik, Devil’s own son Amar Singh, playboy governor Tiwari and the right hand man of Dawood’s stooge Naresh Goyal, Praful Patel.

The contest lasted for nearly two months with votes coming in from all corners of the world. Indian Idle’s secret jury, comprising of prominent citizens from all walks of life, agreed with the choice of voters and the broad consensus that emerged within no time was a first in the history of Indian Idle. “We didn’t want to see the results this time, as we knew for sure as to who will walk away with the dishonor. There is wide spread anger against this notorious cop, who has not just murdered a innocent, but also subverted the process of justice using evil means to prevent himself from being brought to justice,” a jury member said.

Commenting on the outcome of the contest, DGP attacker and our local hero Utsav Sharma said “this was long due. After murdering an innocent, the DGP got just 6 months imprisonment. If the media and bloggers hadn’t taken this case up, Rathore would have been enjoying his retired life peacefully on government pension in some remote corner of the country without any remorse. What message are we sending out to budding Rathores out there? I have done what I should have, so that future Rathores will know that even if the judiciary helps their cause, the Utsavs out there will deliver justice. If I am mentally unsound, there are many more like me out there…who believe that we must we must make examples out of such evil people so that no innocent is harassed in the future”.

Though the contest only picks one Indian Idle, the nominees deserve a near equal treatment. Be it Tiwari, who brought shame to a constitutional position, or Ramalingaraju, whose greed led to the demise of one India’s top IT companies or even Praful Patel who is overseeing the demise of Air India, everyone is a winner and is equivocally hated across India.

The award will be given away at a function to be organized in the national capital soon. Rathore’s wife, who has partnered him in this evil deed will also be given a special prize by the organizers at the event. Post event, the DGP’s Indian passport will be revoked in a public ceremony, and he will be put in a sack, thrashed, loaded on IAF cargo plane and dumped in the dense forests of Timbuktu.


Apple said…
So whats his prize now????

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