Amar Singh to represent India at the World Parliamentary Wrestling meet

India has decided to field its most aggressive and devil lookalike Amar Singh for the World Parliamentary Wrestling Federation bouts slated to start in Jan 2010.

The Parliamentary Wrestling Federation is an annual contest staring indisciplined parliamentarians from around the world.The annoited candidate wrestles with simmiliar parliamentarians sent by various governments and winner is declared as a scumbag and sent on a manned mission to Mars.

"Yes, after watching many videos of previous parliamentary sessions, we zeroed in on one guy who was thrashing every oponment and behaving as if someone had slipped in a a deadly cocktail of Red ants, jelly fish and black widow spider in his langot. The choice was unianimous and we have already booked tickets for him," parliamentary affairs minister Chavani Lal told this blogger over a game of chess on Monday.


deekay said…
not surprised....after all isn't his boss an ex-wrestler...:)

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