Osho made me do it: N D Tiwari

Playboy Governor N D Tiwari in conversation with our correspondent Rajcreep. 

RS: Aren’t you ashamed of your behavior? You were caught pajama down with three women that too in Raj Bhavan..
ND: I am; in fact I used to date almost 5 ladies simultaneously and three is far below my benchmark and the number that I am used to.

RS: As a governor, you were expected to be clean in your personal and public life. You shouldn’t have mixed constitution with pleasure and how could you forget your responsibilities as a governor?
ND: I didn’t. In fact I was clearing a few files and reading a few policy documents while I was with the ladies.  I have been multitasking since my college days when we used to do group study and I was with,..

RS: Thanks, we can guess the rest. The state of Andhra is facing tough times and how could you indulge yourself under such circumstances? 
ND: I was pained and constantly seeking ways to distract myself so that I wouldn’t be biased or prejudiced when it came to taking decisions on the future of the state. I have had sleepless nights and was under medication for a while before I decided to thread the path of salvation. 

RS: Salvation? How is that?
ND: Once Osho exhorted to his disciples, If you really want salvation from your desires than, indulge in all the mundane desires. Once you become tired of it you will surely get salvation. I was simply following what the great Osho said and I hope I have done well for myself. Now I am more refreshed, focused and ready to deal with not just one person on a fast who wants a separate state, but a million…

RS: But you have been fired…so what’s next?
ND: Lets see; Osho will guide me in the future too and I will be as ready as ever to deal with these mundane earthy problems that will never effect me in the future. I have already purchased a new XL sized bed that I will carry with me to Uttarakhand and I have also started a new account on facebook to connect with..

RS: Lets leave it there. I don’t think there is any point in talking to a old goat who has brought shame to a constitutional position. I just hope that the readers of this blog will crown you Indian Idle for all you are worth.  


Anonymous said…
the congress high command should consider giving him some punishmentment . Like making him governor of Telengana
Satyandhar said…
If our politician would have worked properly for country instead of doing Aiyashi, then poverty problem, which is the main problem of India would have solved.

Our politician track record are very bad and we are getting results accordingly.
Ravindra said…
Hey pray why with Renuka aunty why n't with our Shobha........
Apple said…
RS: As a governor, you were expected to be clean in your personal and public life
Ofcourse he was keeping personally clean..so he took off his payjamas

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