Scamdog millionaire: the movie

In a first of its kind move designed to punish Ramalinga Raju and other perpetrators of the Satyam fraud, Mahesh Rut has decided to direct a movie on the scam. The movie tentatively called Scamdog millionaire, will hit the floors soon with a star cast comprising the worst hammers from Bollywood and national politics.

“I am directing this movie to punish the fraudsters and to give them a message,” Rut said. “At this point of time my priority is to get the movie out before people forget the whole thing. The script can be finalized after the shooting is over, as I often do,” Rut added.

Among others, the movie will star Himrun Chaseme, Dino Sorea, Mamta Banherjee and Mayawathi in key roles. “This film will not be a biopic I will add the usual stuff like songs, dances, alien encounters and fight sequences. But the movie will be as close to reality as possible and we will spare no attempt in this regard,” Rutt said.

Rut plans to shoot the movie in Raju’s village where people still consider the international con man as a hero. “In addition to Raju, they have a high regard for spreadsheet fraudsters PriceWaterHouse Coopers and consider it as a divine organization that can do no wrong. These guys have even set up a temple in honor of the auditors,” Rut said.

The movie will be funded entirely by the Mayawathi Birthday Foundation, a charity organization established by the UP CM to collect funds for celebrating her birthday. Puppy Lahiri has been roped to provide music. “This film will beat A R Rehman’s music and get an Oscar any day”, a confident Puppy said.

In a related development, animal rights activist Fakenake Gandhi has asked Rut to remove the word dog from the title of the movie. "This will give viewers an impression that some dog was involved in the whole fiasco, whereas the truth is that not even a single mongrel has been named so far by SEBi, CID or any other investigating agency. Stray dogs are more dignified and have better things to do than ruin firms," Fakenaka said.


deekay said…
What does hammers mean?
Prayukth said…
hammed, ham·ming, hams
To overact.
To exaggerate or overdo (a dramatic role, for example).

Absolute said…
Should the name have been Scamdog BILLIONAIRE?
Prayukth said…
:) Quite possible buddy :)
joseph said…
u got the perfect title for the movie.
Prayukth said…
Hey Mr Joseph :) glad to see ya here...:) you would be welcome to suggest more names the skeletons tumble from Mr rajus cupboard :)
Apple said…
Cmon..they might be fetching some Oscars for us.. ;)
Prayukth said…
Hmm...this one doesnt show case we may not have a chance here appy :((

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