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There are Indians like Ratan Tata, Dr Kalam and others who inspire fellow citizens to pursue success with a 'never say die' attitude and bring glory to ones motherland. This post unfortunately does not belong to them - this instead belongs to people who have shamed the country and brought ignominy to their family. These are people who should have never taken birth in our country...but now that it is too late we can just hope and pray that such disasters disappear from public life and fade from public memory. 

Indian Idle, is a contest to determine the nation’s most-hated and loathed people. In its third year, the contest brings together the nation’s most-hated and loathed people on one platform. The winner gets a one-way deportation ticket to Timbuktu and his Indian passport is revoked in a public ceremony. 

Here are the nominees for this year's contest..
Ramlingaraju aka fraud Raju: The man who single handedly ashamed the Indian IT industry and almost shut down one of the country’s premier IT firms with a monster-sized greed. Raju, who was a nation icon, had everything going for him but, the man had other plans to siphon shareholders money, inflate margins and artificially boost sentiment at the bourses to pull the stock up. There were days when the Satyam stock went into a freefall and it almost seemed like a big time humanitarian crises was due with nearly 40000 careers at stake. But thank god for the timely intervention by the Indian government, things are finally looking up for the company and its employees. Coming back to Raju, one hopes that we make a example out of this scamster and his family members to ensure that we don’t have any more Rajus in our country. We don’t need scamsters like him in our country.

Pramod Mutalik: Part of the Indian Taliban brigade, he and his goons didn’t feel any sense of shame in raising their hands against women. Mutalik and his ilk feel that they are the custodians of Indian culture and have to come out of their dens and demonstrate their sub-ameobic IQ levels everytime they feel that their interpretation of Indian culture and ethos is under threat. The saddest part is that Mutalik seems to have a sizeable fan following among Indian youth – basically comprising sore loosers who wouldn’t be able to come within 10 feet of a lady on their own (just like Mutalik himself). We don’t need psycos like him in our country.     

DGP S S Rathore:  Rathore represents subversion of justice and provides hope for millions of molesters out there who are harassing people day in and day out. He has shown that one can not just get away with murder, but also be rewarded for it. Our judicial system has time and again sided with these monsters and harassed the common man who couldn’t “purchase” justice. Rathore is a perfect case for the need for mob justice and we Indians should just lynch the guy. He has been nominated for obvious reasons and we don’t need devils like him in our country.    

Amar Singh:
This devil look alike has bagged the Indian Idle nomination for the second year in a row. Not only is the dude one of the scariest politicians in the nation, but he also has an attitude to match his persona. When Mr Singh is a very engaging statesman; in fact when he becomes too involved in a discussion on the floor of parliament, our honorable MP brings his hands and feet into the debate. As if his looks weren’t scary enough, the man does plenty of talking with his hands and feet. The fact that he has never been voted by citizens to parliament in his public life, remains his biggest achievement to date. Devil singh has been nominated for his commitment to the interests of Anil Dhirubai Ambani group, his fights on the floor of Rajya Sabha and for his snobbish attitude. We don’t need members like him in parliament.     

Praful AKA Nero Patel: Is the right hand man of Jet Airways chief and Dawood Ibrahim’s stooge in India Naresh Goyal. This man has single handedly ruined Air India with dodo brained policies and mole-eyed vision that saw the India’s flag carrier plunge to unfathomable depths. Our national Nero is continuing to play the fiddle while Air India is on life support and due for a early demise anytime. Patel is the first one to rush to the media when Jet Airways faces any problems – but the man suddenly vanishes from the scene when Air India flies into an air pocket. Patel has been nominated for his bias towards Jet and dereliction of duty towards India’s national airline. We don’t need ministers like him. 

Playboy governor   
He is the Indian equivalent of Tiger Woods albeit a bit older than the World’s #1 golfer. NDT is a class apart and believes in setting his own benchmarks when it comes to public morality. Caught with his pajamas down, the former Uttarakhand CM rushed his aides to prevent a T V channel from airing the tapes containing his Raj Bhavan escapades. The muck won’t stay hidden for long and sooner or later we will have a stream of ladies coming out with their stories ala Tiger Woods. We hate NDT for assuming that he can get away with what he did because he holds a constitutional position. We don’t need political playboys…

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Apple said…
Indian Idle, is a contest to determine the nation’s most-hated and loathed people:
Going by that...we definitely seem to have a lot of talent in the country..hugeeeee queues outside auditions..proof enough :)

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