Massive hunt on to recover N D Tiwari’s pajamas

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a statewide hunt to recover the pajama of former state governor and senile playboy N D Tiwari, according to Pajama Trust of India (PTI). The pajama is said to hold vital clues to uncovering the truth behind the now famous incident involving the former governor, who was caught with his pajamas down on television. Teams from state CID and a special investigation team have spread out to various parts of AP to search and locate the most vital piece of evidence in the N D Tiwari investigation.

“The pajamas mysteriously vanished from governor’s wardrobe after they were seen lying in one corner in the infamous video. These are imported pokimon pajamas which are not very common in the state and we believe that a proper forensic test will reveal what happened in Raj Bhavan on that fateful day,” an AP government spokesperson said. 

The state government has already alerted the CBI and all airports, national and state highways, seaports and border check posts are under full alert to prevent the pajama from being stitched out of the state. AP government has also approached Pokimon Pajama Inc., the makers of the pajama to find out the unique 5 digit pokimon code which is embedded into each pajama to make the task of detection easier.

Meanwhile this blogger has learnt that some elements were trying to modify the pajama to make it unrecognizable and move it out of AP. The state CID headquarters wore a gloomy look on Friday evening, thanks to the frustration of the agency due to its inability to locate the pajamas.

A file pic of N D Tiwari's pajamas (courtesy AP Raj Bhavan)

The Tee that Tiwari is wearing after the scandal was exposed...


Apple said…
Why dont you take TOI's help in exposing the culprit??

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