China has stopped paying maoists:prachanda

Prachanda is the Maoist clown who is pushing his country towards anarchy. A leader with no vision he has emerged as a joker in the pack and Nepal needs him as much as it needs swine flu. Our correspondent Rajcreep caught up with the man in his lair and asked a few questions.

RS: What did you get out of all this? If the Nepal Army chief didn’t want to induct clowns into his force, why did you force him? These maoist cadres could have converted the professional army into its counterpart in Pakistan.

PA: You see I had promised these people employment. I couldn’t have asked them to join the government and they need to be employed you see. I count have let them loose on the streets.

RS: Forget all that. You are just a Chinese stooge, a puppet placed by the evil Beijing regime that wants to spread its hegemony across Asia.

PA: Thanks, that was really flattering. Indeed, the Chinese are paying me and they have also taken care of our cadres during the conflict. Now that the war is over, they have stopped paying the salaries of the renegades. The Chinese ambassador says that they cannot spend anymore and want our maoist guerillas to be paid by the Nepali Army that’s why I had to do all this.

RS: And like a true coward, you blame India for all this, aren’t you ashamed?

PA: I had to blame someone you see. Initially, I tried to blame the Taliban, but the plot wouldn’t fit. Then an old friend of mine gave me this idea – place the blame on India and sell the same story to the cadres to energize them and make India look like the villain of this piece.

RS: China is the villain here and you will be a fool not to realize it. They are trying to use Nepal as a pawn in their larger game plan against India. Nepal can never progress if China keeps playing this dirty game.

PA: You see we are commies. We don’t think beyond our lifetime and as long as the moolah is coming into my bank account I don’t care who is above or below me. The moment China stops sending me paychecks, I will become a patriotic Nepali. Till then, its china all the way for me and my followers.

RS: Whats the way ahead?

PA: I am waiting for further orders from Beijing. They are right now doing multiple calculations on how to do a ghostly act and get their work done without anyone knowing. China wanted us to start a missile program and they promised to sell us missile and paint them to look as though they were locally manufactured.


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