Hussein down…Rathore, Mutalik and Maya in queue

India will be inking an exclusive agreement with Qatar to export more citizens to that country, soon.  Humor Unplugged has learnt that after absorbing M F Hussein, Qatar is now getting ready to welcome certified clowns S S Rathore, Pramod Mutalik and Mayawathi, who will be among the first batch of deportees from India.

“Qatar is indeed doing us a major favor. We are looking dumping many of our unwanted citizens on that country as they displayed remarkable willingness on this front. I have moved a first list that includes SS Rathore, Pramod Mutalik and Mayawathi to our minister for approval,” a senior diplomat in the external affairs ministry said. He said that the process had gained momentum offlate and an agreement between the two nations will be inked soon. The Indian government has in the meantime asked the law ministry to prepare a draft of a legislation to deport unwanted citizens. The ministry, according to sources will be targeting high profile citizens who are of nuisance value to India and who are increasing the nation’s carbon footprint.  The ambit of this law will be expanded to cover petty criminals and stone throwers.

Humor Unplugged managed to add Sheikh Wahimullah, the external affairs minister of Qatar to our friends list on Skype yesterday. The minister however declined our request for a comprehensive chat on the issue. “We will welcome all those who are not wanted in your country; we will be what Australia was for UK in the past,” he said before changing his status to busy.


Apple said…
Brilliant idea!!! DUMP these and somemore to other countries!!
Prayukth said…
Yeah since they want some cheap publicity...we will help

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