The Al Qaeeda awards 2009

The PR division of Al Qaeeda – Al Pr has announced the Al Qaeeda awards for overall terrorism excellence.  The announcement was made through a Bajur-datelined press release issued by the organization on Monday.

The awards, to be given away under various categories, will honor those who have followed various dikats and fatwas issued by the organization. The following are the categories for which male and female terrorists will be honored:

• Best suicide attack
• Best suicide bomber
• Best fatwa
• Best fatwa compliance
• Best threatening video
• Best online community
• Most valued terrorist
• Best shoe bomber
• Best mask
• Most memorable debut
• Mullah of the year

The nominees will be judged by a jury comprising senior management of Al Qaeeda (including Osama) and the event will be sponsored by Pakistani government through its terror wing – the ISI.


Anonymous said…
HeY you missed "Fatwa Of the Year"
Anonymous said…
May be you can add the following:

1. The best "katua of the year"

2. "Porki of the year"

3. " Best creative way to flog a woman award"

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