Pakistan to host World Terror Olympics

To augment its reputation as the epicenter of global terrorism, Pakistan government has decided to host a special edition of Olympics for terrorists from different parts of the world. An announcement to this effect was made in Islamabad by the Pakistani government through a press release issued in the early half of Saturday.

This edition will feature groups like Jaish, Lashkar, Taliban, Harkat, Hamas, ULFA, Al Qaeeda Maoists and special attendees including China and North Korea. The terror groups will compete with each other in disciplines like infiltration, guerilla warfare, aircraft highjack, launching sea-based attacks on high value targets, piracy, ambush and suicide bombing. “We have already earmarked US$ 2 billion for these games slated to take place sometime in late 2010. The event will be completely sponsored and supported by the Obama administration and will witness participation from the whos who of the terror world. We intend to turn this event into a money spinner for us,” claimed Aneez Azaam, Pakistan’s minister for special events. “China will pitch in with the weapon support and will be the hardware sponsor for this event,” he added.

Terror Olympics will be organized by ISI which already has over three decades of experience in raising and training terror groups. USA, which has already pledged all forms of assistance to Pakistan for encouraging terrorism in the sub continent, is seeing this as another opportunity to destabilize the region as part of its flawed AFPAK policy.

Meanwhile the ISI has already invited the heads of all terror groups to visit its Islamabad branch to confirm their participation. “We hope that they will all be there at the event. We don’t want to miss out on even a single terrorist,” an ISI spokesperson said. The event will be broadcast by ISI's soon to be launched terror channel.


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