Pakistan plans to dillute stake in terror training infrastructure

World’s number one terror sponsor Pakistan has asked its official terror wing Inter Services Intelligence to dilute its holding in various terrorist training camps spread across the nation. The directive came in the form of an official note circulated to ISI top brass on Wednesday by the government of Pakistan.

Sources close to the establishment have told this blogger that the move is part of a larger Pakistani game plan to consolidate the terror training network into one entity and list the institution on bourses. ISI has built and operated terrorist training campuses to facilitate its strategic objective of using terror as a state instrument and to keep neighbors Indian and Afghanistan engaged in low intensity conflicts in the past. These training campuses, some of which operate on a BOT model in partnership with terror agencies like the Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Toiba and others, have been funded by ISI with Pakistani government aid and funds received from US and Saudi governments.

The entity to be tentatively called Pakistan Terror Infrastructure Limited (PATIL) will own and operate the terror infrastructure in Pakistan. The agency will be listed on various stock exchanges and will offer these campus to Pakistan and non Pakistan based terror groups at attractive rates. ISI will retain a minority stake in PATIL, will have a BoD presence and will also be actively involved in chalking the future roadmap of PATIL. Al Qaeeda has already expressed interest in buying a stake in PATIL and has send feelers to ISI and Pak government and is expecting a favorable response soon.


Busybee said…
:D @ PATIL.. Our prez might see red at this..
Prayukth said…
Hahah she might want to take another Sukhoi flight for all u know just to get away from all this ;)
deekay said…
Thnk god that u r on this side of the border, otherwise who knows they wud have made u their management/marketing consultant and u may have set up TTPs (terror technology parks) all around :).....cheers....btw loved PATIL
Prayukth said…
:D Thanks Dee Kay :D..pakis can still use some of the free advise i am giving ;)

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