Lalloo is back in Hollywood

The Oriental express ***1\2

This film marks Lallo’s second tryst with Hollywood after the remarkable success of his last caper Silverlight.

In this movie, written and directed by James Cameragoon, Lallo is cast as a senior public relations manager with SETI in California. On a vacation to Macau island (China), he runs into journo Holly Vale (Katie Holmes) who is chasing a story on a Japanese tycoon acting in concert with terrorists to smuggle a thorium-based nuke weapon into the USA. The bomb is all ready but the terrorists now need a last component, a pico-detonator. The henchmen of the Japanese tycoon fly in to Macau to buy the detonator Chinese government agents.

Lallo instantly falls in love with the journo and the two now have 7 whole days (minus a public holiday) to have fun, do business and take the relationship further (since Holly is on a business visa). But events take a serious turn when the goons abduct Holly in a bid to derail the story. It’s now upto Lallo to shed his mild public relations avtar and don a crime fighting cape to rescue his lady love. His enemies-the Chinese government, the henchmen and the terrorists themselves. Lallo only has 24 hours to save his girlfriend from their vicious clutches and the world from a nuclear winter.

The movie, is a thoroughly conventional thriller. Directed by James, who has given us movies like ''Frightanic'' and ''Fry hard',' it has an ingeniously teasing style that overrules substance at every turn. James, who displays a lot more range this time, takes a well crafted manipulative approach to what might have been a humdrum subject and shapes a liquid soap opera of exceptional power and visual diversity. Most of that power comes from visual imagery, seasoned performances and a gripping narrative. The surprise package of the movie is Sarah Palin who makes a guest appearance as a lady wrestler, whose ambition is to star in a Broadway musical.

Will Lallo be able to save his love? Will Holly be able to publish the story? Will the duo save the world from doomsday? Can lime juice mixed with vinegar and baking soda repel mosquito bites?

To know the answers to these and other questions, watch the movie.


arun said…
definitely a movie to watch out...
out of curiosity: did the director stop at getting the greatest comedian India has ever seen, or did he get inspired by bollywood to include an item number and maybe a love song!!!
Prayukth said…
:) Dude, this wont have any masala whatsoever...sorry to dissappoint you but this is a movie in the Jhon Woo genre...

Lets wait for the release:)
Apple said…
Laloo.dsnt seem to inspired bt the "zara hat ke" kindam ovies of these time. :)

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