Bal Thackrey has lost it -

Bal Thackrey, is a insane unpatriotic two penny politician who wants to divide the nation at every available instance. Our correspondent confronted the clown on his remark on Indian Idol's the exclusive...

RS: Whats wrong with you now? How could you insult a national icon?
BT: He is not bigger than me. I am the supreme dude, the uncle of Raj Thackrey, the leader of guys who protested against Kareena's bare back, I am the guy whose mouth is bigger than his brains...I am the leader of the Marathi Manoos...who is Tendulkar when compared to me??

RS: You are nothing but a Manhoos...a clown and a two penny politician who wants to win votes by pawning his soul. They have got your name right..Bal Thackrey - you haven't grown up yet..
BT: Thank you. When I was a kid my mom wanted me to grow up and grow a beard and half her prayers have been answered so far. By the way don't I look cool with these goggs?

RS: You have put a gogg on your brain also and thats why you are not able to think clearly. You are the leader of a regional party. You have to act in a more responsible manner.

BT: I have always acted in a very responsible manner Mr Rajcreep. In fact I am completely responsible for whatever I say. Have I ever denied anything I said?

RS: You are among the senior most politicians on the national political arena. You should be more careful with your statements and not be swayed by sentiments or a desire to appease your vote bank.

BT: You are right and by the way...are you a Maharastrian? Else please get out of Mumbai right away..we only want Marathis to be here.

RS: Why didnt you say that to the terrorists who came on 26-11? Why didn't anyone hear anything from you at that time?
BT: Arrey, I was busy hiding underneath the bed. I was really scared. In fact I didn't come out for nearly a week till Gopinath (Munde) gave a all clear sign.

RS: Even Raj, your prodigal nephew also did the same, I am told.
BT: After all he is my nephew, he should have gone a step further...

RS: He did and I dont want to discuss that now. Whats wrong with a Indian saying that he is an Indian first? Who are you to stop anyone from saying that? When Mumbai was under attack and you had your tail between your legs, the brave hearts who defended her were not Mumbaikars or Marathis...but Indians...when the nation is threatened, you don't look at who is fighting alongside you...first of all try and do something patriotic and then earn the right to criticise someone like Sachin, who is above all this...
BT: Again, how many times should I tell you? I am Balashahib Thackrey, the man who has killed more mosquitoes than a good knight mosquito repellent, the man who has seen more cartoon flicks than a five year old and...

RS: Shut up Mr Thackrey and please go back to your native Pakistan - that's where divisive minded politicians like you belong.


Abhi said…
what a cartoon, bal thackeray!
deekay said…
bal = small kid n manoos = manhoos.......nice pun serious note the old man is past his expiry taking on sachin, he is actually grappling for the savior of maratha "manhoos" tag with his equally stale brained nephew
Apple said…
"up and grow a beard "
Now we know whoz our friend's inspiration...

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