Mayawathi’s swayamvar: Government warns NDTV

Government of India has issued a stern warning to media group NDTV, asking it to desist from starting the shoot for a new series on the lines of Rakhi Sawant’s swayambar for UP CM Mayawathi. NDTV was apparently planning to launch a Mayawathi’s swyambar to continue the Swayambar series for its new horror channel NDTV Dread.

“Such a plan is not in good taste and may appear offensive for some sections of the audience. We are indeed worried and have conveyed a warning to the channel,” union misinformation minister Chavvani Lal said. However, NDTV chief begs to differ on the issue. “The very fact that we have placed it in on our terror channel which will be airing the series in the late night slot shows that we have taken all necessary precautions. Further, the idea is to get the lady married and make her settle down so that she turns into a problem for one guy rather than the whole nation,” Pranoy Roy said.

NDTV Dread, the group’s horror channel also has plans to hold similar swayamvars for Jayalalitha, Mamta Banerjee and Nafisa Ali. “This is part of our corporate social responsibility initiative and the government should have welcomed it. At the end of the day, the society will benefit as these ladies won’t be able to create problems for the nation,” Roy said.” I have no idea why they are opposing it when we have the larger interests of the society in mind. We are not and I repeat not doing this for TRPs,” he added.

Roy has been asked to appear before a special committee comprising members from the Indian television industry to explain his channel’s stand. Mayawathi has meanwhile called Roy “a messiah of the dalits” and asked the UP Chief Secretary to spend another 500 crores to build statues of Roy alongside her. She has also invited Roy to participate in the swayamwar as a contestant. Roy has been untraceable ever since this news got out.


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