China may fire Karat over 2009

After its disastrous performance in polls, the Commie party of India has been pulled into the dock by its managers in China. The biggest dictatorship in the world has asked Prakash Karat, head commie and jurrasic ideology manager for CPI to report to Beijing for further discussion.

“China is extremely disappointed by these results. We had hoped that there would be instability with the left parties playing a key role in the next government. Since that is no longer the case, we have to revisit certain agreements we have with our communist agents in India,” said Yukk Thoo Chin, head of China’s Jealousy Cell, formed to ensure the continuation of China’s hegemony in Asia. This cell pokes its evil nose into the internal affairs of Asian countries and tries to ensure instability in China’s backyard. The cell was recently in the news for its role in an attempt to kill democracy in the Himalayan country.

Our sources have told us that Prakash Karat reports to a country manager in this cell. It may be remembered that the cell had not made a upwardly revision of Karat’s pay in the last appraisal cycle as China was angry with him for goofing up on the nuclear deal. This time the cell is expected to ask for a change of leadership and Karat may have to make way for a new guy. “These elections have not just sidelined commies, but have also paved way for their extinction on the Indian political landscape and that’s not a good reflection on Mr Karat. We had imposed our faith in him and he has dissapointed us,” Chin added.

Karat will be flying to Beijing by Air China today evening.


Apple said…
Who gave CHINA teh right to be angry anyway??
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kutu said…
From computers, to tooth brushes, to toilet papers India uses china in many ways from its mouth to its butt. every merchant union is represented by a association. So they have CPM- 'China Party of India'

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