BJP gen next war spills over to Facebook

In a major embarrassment to India’s primary opposition party BJP, its leaders have started washing their dirty linen in public. BJP’s gen next leadership is busy pulling each other down over the internet.

Late yesterday night, Arun Jaitley’s Facebook account was hacked allegedly by senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh’s men. The hackers modified his account, changed his relationship status to “single and looking” and wrote romantic messages on his behalf on the wall of BSP president Mayawathi. They then modified his status updates section to read “Arun Jaitley is madly in love with Jayalalitha”. They also used the throw a shoe tool to fling a slipper at a furious Advani, who threw a sheep in return.

Jaitley has meanwhile lashed out at the “immature and teenish behavior” displayed by his party colleague. In a carefully worded statement designed to appeal to the young voters, he said “Yo, what's goin on…this is not on dude. You betta watcha ya rear…caus I is coming to get ya” A source, as reliable as Obama, has told this blogger that Jaitley’s men are planning revenge and want to deface Jaswant’s Facebook account. However, Jaswant has gone underground on FB and is said to have made his profile invisible.

Angry with the post on her wall, Mayawathi has asked UP cops to book Jaitley under NSA, while Jayalalitha has threatened to marry him unless he deletes his post. “I have set up this account to connect with the poorest of poor in UP. Only they have the right to send me messages on my wall,” said Mayawathi.


Anonymous said…
this is funny PJ :)
Anonymous said…
UP police would be as ignorant about Facebook as te poor people that Mayawati is trying to target to post messages
Prayukth said…
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