Exclusive: Cucumber resembling Obama appears

Ahead of Obama’s India visit, a cucumber is making news for all the weird reasons. The cucumber in question, belonging to farmer Chandrabhan from Nasik, bears an uncanny resemblance to Obama, according to folks who had the privilege of seeing it from close quarters. Humor Unplugged was the first and only blog to get a picture of the Obamaish cucumber. 

“A neighbor noticed the cucumber yesterday morning and we were aware that Obama is coming to look for a job in India. When we connected the two, we knew right away that there was a divine angle here. The stream of visitors to my home hasn’t stopped since then as people are quite curious to know what a vegetable version of the US president would look like,” Chandrabhan said in an exclusive early morning interview with Humor Unplugged. 

The cucumber resembling Obama
Chandrabhan claimed that he had even received a call from the Maharashtra chief minister’s office (CMO). According to him, Ashok Chavan was very eager to have the US president visit the cucumber and make a significant statement on the relationship between India and USA on the spot. However, thanks to the snub, he received at the hands of US consulate, the CMO dropped the plan. “We are not aware of any such vegetable. The only vegetable I know is Vilasrao Deshmukh who cleared all files concerning Adarsh Society, got his mother in law a flat there to keep out of mischief but chickened out as and when the whole thing snowballed into a crisis,” CM Ashok Chavan said.  

President Obama
Commenting on the development, President Obama said “this is the change we need to talk more about. This is change we can feel, perceive and gauge and this vegetable that could have grown into another shapeless, forgettable and indistinguishable mortal has instead sought to grow into a symbol of hope and inspiration for countless Americans out there. I salute this vegetable and would like to use it to convey a strong message to all Americans out there. We will not give up. We will continue to focus our efforts and persevere till we create a billion jobs for US citizens”.     

Breaking news: Humor Unplugged has learnt that the US secret service and Force One commandos are moving in to secure the vegetable and prevent any damage to it till the US president’s visit to India ends. The vegetable will be out of bounds for all visitors for the next 4 days. We have also heard that the cucumber has been nominated for Nobel peace prize by a ragtag jury. Keep visiting Humor Unplugged to track this story.  


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