Obama gets it from an Indian journo...

After asking China to monitor the progress of Indo-Pak talks, US has now asked China to judge various reality shows that are appearing on Indian television. This request was made in a letter to Chinese Premier Hu or whatever his name is on Tuesday night by Obama as the US was leaving China after concluding his tour of that country.

In his letter, Obama says "we are worried about the quality of content that is generated in Indian reality shows that bring forth the worst in the form of competition driven madness. We have already removed our spines to please the dictatorship in your country and would now request you and your government of zombies to look into this issue at the earliest".

Meanwhile on board Air Force one, when a journo asked Obama as to how China had been appointed the monitor of South Asia, a puzzled Obama said "China stands for many things today - melamine contaminated milk, lead contaminated toys, spurious drugs, currency manipulation, interference in the internal affairs of peaceful nations and bullying. For USA, China is like a big Pakistan; infact its a Bufo version of the international migraine that lies between India and Afghanistan. When I saw how close we were to Pakistan, we realized that we could be even closer to China. So I immediately asked Hillary to look at ways by which we could appease China".

Hearing this, a Indian journalist who was present at the briefing, walked upto Obama and said "Mr Obama, when you moved into White House you said that you will not bow down to any form of lobbying or be cowed down by anyone. You had also said that you will make Pakistan more accountable for every penny spent on the so called war on terror. You have done remarkably well on both these areas and now is the time to honor you for something that you really deserve. Heres is a new mint-fresh 50 paise coin...during your campaign days, you had asked for change, right? Well here it is...if I had known that you would do so much damage to global peace during your reign, I would have given this to you before and asked you to quit the presidency race. You are not even worth being Mayawathi's assistant facebook update incharge"

Obama immediately tried to duck, thinking a shoe would hit him anytime soon...but he was obviously mistaken. The Indian journo had thrown a verbal shoe at the white house two timer and walked off Air Force One without being arrested..


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