Why Obama won the nobel prize

Why did Obama win the Nobel prize for peace? Top ten reasons are here..

* For chickening out of a meeting with the Dalai Lama
* For bombing the moon as if bombing Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t enough
* For aiding and abetting a terrorist nation (read Pakistan)
* For killing a bug on live TV
* For North Korea’s nuke tests
* For helping Chicago’s pitch for the 2016 Olympics
* For putting extraordinary pressure on Pakistan to part with 26-11 suspects
* For ignoring the chapter II of the A Q Khan saga inspite of ample evidence
* For helping Russia expand its hegemony over the former Soviet republics
* For appointing Hillary as the Secretary of state..i think this is the actual reason behind his victory..the man set an example by making peace with his former enemy 


deekay said…
obama was a pathetic choice.....really shameful indeed.....only 6 months in to his presidency and won a noble prize
Prayukth said…
I completely agree..whos next on the list?
deekay said…
on the national level raj thackrey and his uncle (although he is in a dormant state nowadays) r the first grade choice.....on the international level....we have musharuff., even bush cud have been given nobel prize, may be it wud have reformed his cowboy and trigger-happy attitude.....we can safely assume that after getting "noble peace price", bush wud have been a reformed man..since they have awarded obama as an incentive to carry out the great vision that he has....conversely they cud have easily stopped bush from attacking iraq by awarding him peace prize earlier as a deterrent

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