India is unsafe due to us: Obama

Barack Hussein Obama, the president of the United States and the guy who was supposed to usher in change. So far he has pushed in more insecurity in the sub continent and invigorated the NPT ayatollahs. Our correspondent Bhakra Dutt was in Washington recently for shopping and decided to drop in and chat with the most powerful man in the world. Heres the exclusive interview with the President of the United States.

BD: Pakistan has just released Sayeed, the man behind the Mumbai terror attacks. Islamabad is not serious about acting against terrorists operating from its soil…

BO: They are doing a lot in fact the other I spoke to Zardari and he said that he has joined an institute to take acting lessons. He has also engaged a famous actor from Lahore to help him act as though he and his country are serious about acting against terrorists. You gotta give these guys some rope..Zardari is under immense pressure since the day these terrorists kidnapped his pet Chihuahua and released her when a ransom was delivered.

BD: Here in India we see you as a turn coat. During election campaigns, you had promised to make Pakistan accountable for the aid that she receives. You had said that the onus will be on Pak to prove that it is serious about its role in the war on terror. In fact Pak PM Pant Gillani had once commented that he had to visit the restroom after he heard one of your speeches on Pakistan. Now that you are the president, you are singing a different tune altogether. Pak got USD 20 million the day Sayeed was released.

BO: I agree there is a dichotomy there. But you see..we have to nurture a nation that does not grow into a threat for USA. Other than that I don’t have any worries – they can go on threatening whoever else they wish to. They can even launder the money we provide as long as that is not used to plan a terror attack against USA.

BD: Ain’t that a mean thing to say? How can you be sure that these terrorists will not turn around and strike at US?

BO: The moment that happens we will respond with all force at our dispersal.

BD: and…

BO: We will attack Iran or Turkmenistan on some flimsy pretext and fool people back home that we are launching a war on terror.

BD: That is positively obnoxious. You know you have made the subcontinent a deadly place by funding and promoting a terrorist state.

BO: I agree we have made India more unsafe and I am so much worried due to that. I haven’t eaten properly since then and Michelle couldn’t get proper sleep. USA is a big time supporter of democracy and we have always nurtured and promoted the cause of democracy..

BD: Shut up…save that for your campaign. I am getting back to shopping. As far as everything else is concerned, always remember – what goes around, comes around.


Apple said…
"India is unsafe due to us: Obama"

Due to us or US as in the US of A?? ;)
Prayukth said…
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