Funny images: focus on Obama

Obama returning after selling his spine to the Chinese for an undisclosed amount.

Hasho, meo soldo myo spino to the chineso..Obama is telling the Japanese emperor

When you dont have a spine, lifting anything is a problem: Obama seems to be saying.

Pakistan has launched a new Urban Mass Transit System to free its cities from traffic congestion...

The new age traveler: with airlines reducing the per capita luggage allowance, passengers are adopting newer methods to sneak more baggage this pic, an unknown passenger shows the latest concealing baggage in his turban

Now this one has gone too far..after making an 8 year-old drive at 125 kmph for record sake, now they have started pushing pets to the limit. This dog was made to drive at 130 kmph for bagging an entry into Guinness Records...Menaka Gandhi is fuming...

Santa goes underwater...


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