Pakistan and China to ink Free Terror Agreement

In a revolting development, world’s foremost terror sponsor Pakistan and her ‘brother’ China have decided to ink a Free Terror Agreement (FTA) to increase terror cooperation between the two Asian nations. The agreement, sources say, may be signed in July this year and as of now bureaucrats from both nations are busy drafting the guidelines.

China, it may be remembered is the only nation that is currently standing firmly by Pakistan, when it is being dragged over the coals by the international community for its role in fostering international terrorism. The FTA will enable terrorists (non state and state) from both nations to travel freely between the two nations, raise funds, open more terror training camps and indulge in activities designed to destabilise other nations.    

“As far as China goes, we will support Pakistani terrorists to the hilt as long as they strike against our enemy nations. We have in the past blocked UN resolutions that could have hurt Pakistan’s terror ambitions and this FTA will only formalize and extend that cooperation. If everything goes well, we might even invite Pakistani terrorists to build mansions in China,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Yukk Thoo Chin said.

“China has been our friend, our brother and our melamine contaminated milk supplier for as long as I can remember and this Free Trade Agreement goes on to show that our friendship is growing to cause more pain and agony to our enemies by hook or by crook,” Pakistani PM Geelani said before rushing off to issue another speech condemning USA.

Geelani will be leading a delegation of senior Pakistani terrorists drawn from Jaish, Lashkar, Al Badr etc., on a high level visit to China in July. This visit will culminate with the signing of the FTA. According to our mole in the Chinese Foreign ministry, the FTA will allow terrorists from Pakistan to use China as a base to indulge in gun running, establishing terror camps, money laundering, drug trade and plotting terror attacks against other nations. Terrorists from both sides will be issued a pink colored passport to indicate their special status.

As of today, Jamat ul Dawa is the only Pakistani terror agency to have a full fledged branch (complete with a beard vending machine) in China.

The amount of bull$*** spread by Pakistani establishment has grown
like crazy in the last few days


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