Pak responds to Indian PMs peace overtures

Pakistani PM Geelani has responded to the recent moves by his Indian counterpart to improve ties between India and Pakistan. After PM Manmohan Singh sent a crate full of mangoes to Geelani, the latter dispatched a crate full of factory fresh multi-impact hand grenades to the former. “Who says there is a lack of trust in our relations? If India takes one step towards friendship we will take two. If India sends mangoes, we will send our premium grenades and if they send their peace ambassadors to Pakistan, we will dispatch our peace ambassadors from Lashkar and Jaish to them. You see this is the way our relationship works and everyone knows what Pakistan is famous for in the global arena and we simply live up to the expectation,” Pakistani PM Geelani told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat yesterday.

The crate of grenades presented by Pakistani PM to his Indian counterpart


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