Jamaat-ul-Dawa to expand to China

Pakistan’s terror friendly buddy in arms China has cleared a proposal to let the banned terror organization Jamaat-ul-Dawa to operate from its soil. Xinhua quoting senior members of the communist party reported yesterday that Jamaat’s plans to invest $ 30 million in building terror infrastructure in China received the politbureau’s unanimous nod. The news agency also said that the entire top brass of PLA was keen on sheltering elements from the Al Qaeeda franchisee and has invited the LeT to pay a visit to China.

It may be recalled that China has a long standing history of cooperation with Jamaat. China had blocked UNSC’s attempts to get Jamaat banned on many occasions and the later had praised the commie nation’s respect for the terror outfits ideology. Jamaat’s first office, to open in Shangai, will train Chinese terrorists, its politicians and PLA members in proxy warfare tactics, opium trade, human trafficking and infiltration techniques.

“Like Pakistan, we are also in love with terrorists and terror but our work so far has been limited to arming terrorists in India’s North East. We would now like to expand and cover more areas and fill up the void that may emerge (for the time being) with Pak halting its terror activities under international pressure,” a Chinese external affairs spokesperson said on Thursday while explaining the rationale behind the move. “We will go hand in hand with Jamaat and have a Chinese version of the Jamaat called the PyJaamat soon,” he added.

This move has been welcomed widely in Pakistan. “That nation (China) was always behind Pakistan in everything it did from finding Osama’s 86th wife from a Peshawar-based online matrimonial site to providing Chinese weapons. China wants to keep India tied up with Pakistan and US with Afghanistan so that these melamine drinkers can realize their dream of world domination,” a retired IB sleuth told this blogger.


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