Pakistan searching for a new mansion for next Al Qaeeda chief

Pakistani army and its intelligence wing ISI have started scouting for possible locations for hiding the next Al Qaeeda chief and Osama Bin Laden’s successor. An internal note circulated by Pakistani army to its top brass in GHQ, Rawalpindi obtained by Humor Unplugged has confirmed this development.

“Osama’s death might burn a huge hole in our balance sheet and we need quickly figure out a plan to hide the next Al Qaeeda chief so that we can fool US to continue funding us. We need to find a convenient safe place for the next chief so that he can be kept comfortably and safely till he is useful to us,” the note said.

Meanwhile Al Qaeeda board members will be meeting this weekend in Peshawar to appoint Osama’s successor. Representatives from Pakistani army, ISI, Jaish, LeT, Al Qaeeda’s Chinese subsidiary Yoou Boom and Al Qaeeda’s international wing the dreaded Pink Fowl are likely to attend the meet. Ayman al-Zawahiri, a consensus candidate for the post has already landed in Islamabad to hold deliberations with Pakistani agencies to complete the task.    


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