Mutalik’s ‘riot in the box’ finds buyer in Thailand

Humor Unplugged has learnt that Ram Sena head Pramod Mutalik’s innovative riot model ‘riot in the box’ will soon have a customer outside India. Red Shirts, the Thai movement supported by ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, has expressed interest in purchasing a license for implementing ‘riot in the box’ in Thailand.

According to sources as reliable as Pakistan's commitment to the war on terror, Red Shirts' representatives met Ram Sena executives on Saturday and discussed ways to use the riot model designed by Mutalik to maximize the impact of the ongoing stir in Thailand. Ram Sena’s commercial wing Riotworks spokesperson appeared confident that Red Shirts will buy Riot in the box and use it in Thailand. “The package is designed to create riots even in places where people don’t even point fingers. And once it is implemented, there is a domino effect and the effect of the riot just goes on multiplying till such a time that the political objectives are met. The best part is that the riots can be guided from a remote location and the course altered as per the changing political scenario and response of opposing parties. This is a must have for parties that want to come to power on the basis of violence,” the spokesperson said.

It may be remembered that Mutalik’s modus operandi for creating riots for cash was exposed by a TV channel recently. In the aftermath of the expose, aides of Mutalik hived off the riot division of Ram Sena into a separate venture called Riotworks to explore the business potential of the riot model developed by Mutalik. Ram Sena is planning to list Riotworks on the bourses and sell licenses for engineered riots to interested parties across Asia. 

Mutalik was behind this riot

An award winning riot created by Mutalik's Riotworks recently


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